Direct Monetary / Loans

A contribution of money may be made by check, cash (currency), credit card, or other written instrument.

A loan, including a loan to the campaign from a member of the candidate’s family, is considered a contribution to the extent of the outstanding balance of the loan. Bank loans, however, are not considered contributions if made in the ordinary course of business and on a basis that assures repayment.

Earmarked Contributions

An earmarked contribution is one in which the contributor directs the contribution (either orally or in writing) to a clearly identified candidate or the candidate’s authorized committee through an intermediary or conduit. Earmarking may take the form of a designation, instruction, or encumbrance and may be direct or indirect, express or implied, and written or oral. Earmarked contributions require additional disclosure.

Lobbyist Bundled Contributions

A bundled contribution is any contribution that is either: forwarded to a reporting committee by a lobbyist/registrant or lobbyist/registrant PAC; or received by the reporting committee and credited to a lobbyist/registrant or lobbyist/registrant PAC through “records, designations, or other means of recognizing that a certain amount of money has been raised.