"Texas Economic Activity Springs Ahead as Growth Strengthens"

Gross domestic product (GDP) has Texas rated as #9 in the Nation. Our goal is to be #1. We have fought a good fight, now we must win the battle. Covid-19 has put a strain on our Nation and has caused many of Texans a great deal of pain.

We must listen to our experts, learn from other’s mistakes, and remain on top of the issues. This is how we can win the battle and become number #1.


We must take advantage of our power to elect and monitor the progress of our state’s infrastructure. In 2021, Texas legislators passed HRJ 99 allowing Texans to vote on Proposition 2, an amendment to the Texas constitution.


Let's work together in improving our natural resources properly. By going green, our energy resources will increase the number of jobs added to Texas. In addition, due to the demand of gas and oil, Texas just announced that they are uncapping multiple oil wells to help with the gas crisis.


Monitor the progression of our infrastructures.

Windmill Power

Road to a greener carbon footprint

Oil and Gas

Texas uncapped multiple oil wells to help with the gas crisis.