We must ensure that our teachers are motivated to put forward their best effort to help our children learn the skills needed to succeed and equip our children with the proper tools required to thrive in an increasingly demanding and uncertain job world.


Although the Independent School District (ISD) is self-governed, with their own leadership hierarchy, they are accountable to state and federal entities.

Michael Cooper strongly feels that we must do better for our children. We need to bring building trades back to our schools and partner with trade, community, city, and state colleges to construct continuation programs that will credit these trades toward their degree.

These programs can also be utilized as a certificate program so that our graduates can be equipped as an independent operator and /or adequately be placed in a usable workforce.

“Education is an ornament in prosperity & a refuge in adversity.”


According to the world population review, while coming in overall at No. 39, Texas ranks 43rd in educational attainment.

Our Education System

Education is one of the main reasons why Michael Cooper has been drawn back to the campaign trail. In 2019, according to the Texas Politics Project at the University of Texas at Austin, our biggest problems facing K-12 public education in Texas are:

- Low-Paid Teachers -

- Public School System Funding -

- Unequal Resources Among Schools -

- School Accountability -

- Quality of Teachers -

As governor, Michael Cooper will address all of these issues and work with the experts to devise a feasible plan that will benefit our education system.

Less Than 9th Grade (8.18%)
45==8.18% Complete
9th to 12th Grade (8.14%)
8.14% Complete
High School Graduate (24.96%)
24.96% Complete
Some College (21.61%)
21.61% Complete
Associates Degree (7.22%)
7.22% Complete
Bachelors Degree (19.49%)
19.49% Complete
Graduate (10.40%)
10.40% Complete


Education helps strengthen institutions within societies, drives long-term economic growth, reduces poverty, and inspires innovation. When schools and education systems are managed well, learning happens.

A good and relevant education is essential to help strengthen and prepare our children for whatever future they desire.

Youth Programs

Idle hands are the root of mischief. Through creativity and resourcefulness, we can motivate our youth to place their displaced energy towards career opportunities.

Quality Teachers

Introduce a merit-based teacher recruitment system where only the most talented and motivated teachers are selected.

Better Pay

Teachers are underpaid and undervalued. They hold the key ingredient to our economy and criminal justice reform.