Over 42% of Texas families have incomes less than 30% of the area median family income. That is a yearly income of less than $14,688 for a family of three living in Dallas, TX.

To solve the low-income housing crisis, we must set priorities, leverage community resources, and provide adequate financial resources.

Michael Cooper will make single-dwelling housing more affordable and the purchasing of homes easier for Section 8 tenants. He will call this the phase out "8" act. The number eight also means “new beginnings” in Hebrew and we want to give those people a new start in life.


Michael Cooper has devised a plan to form a committee that will work tirelessly with each of the 254 counties to help get the homeless off the streets.

Michael Cooper will work with government agencies to get the necessary assistance needed to deal with the mental illnesses of both the homeless and veterans of Texas.

Paycheck to Paycheck

Many Texans live paycheck to paycheck, you never know when yours may run out.

Food, Shelter, and Health

These are the bare necessities needed for all life as we know it.

Get to the Root of the Problem

Food banks and handouts are not working. We must look at the root of the problem.