We must ensure that our teachers are motivated to put forward their best effort to help our children learn the skills needed to succeed and equip our children with the proper tools required to thrive in an increasingly demanding and uncertain job world.

Climate Change

On June 4, 2021, Texas Public Utility Commission approved a rule requiring power companies to use “best efforts” to ensure plants can operate in the winter. This is not enough. The shift in climate is affecting our fish and wildlife.

Texas Economy

Gross domestic product (GDP) has Texas rated as #9 in the Nation. Our goal is to be #1. We have fought a good fight, now we must win the battle. Covid-19 has put a strain on our Nation and has caused many Texans a great deal of pain. We must put our state back on track. We must listen to our experts, learn from others mistakes, and remain on top of the issues. This is how we can win the battle and become number #1.

Criminal Justice Reform

Community Outreach—Spreading awareness and making social and policy changes will help ensure the safety of all citizens.

Gun Control - Expand background checks to include individuals 25 and under nationwide.

Human Rights

We must accept individuals as they are and the uniqueness that they bring to the world. Our society should consist of diversity, not discrimination.

Our color, race, gender, sexual orientation, creed, social, and ethnic backgrounds afford us our own unique talent that makes up this great state of Texas.