According to the Texas Tribune, a surge of migrants arriving at the Texas/Mexico border has pushed the country's immigration system to the breaking point as new policies aimed at both undocumented immigrants and legal asylum seekers have contributed to a humanitarian crisis.

Our system is being overwhelmed as the number of unaccompanied children that are being taken into border authority custody continues to grow.


President Biden has already started undoing some of the harmful policies of the past administration. He reached out to U.S. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz, a native Texan raised in Del Rio, to help with the crisis.

Michael Cooper will meet with seasoned veterans like Raul Ortiz to help develop a feasible plan that will better secure Texas borders and ensure that everyone his handle with humanity.

N. E. W.

North of Texas (Oklahoma border), East of Texas (Louisiana border), and West of Texas (New Mexico border).

Our border doesn't start or stop along the Mexico border, it's far deeper and less secure then you can imagine. Lets put our resources where it counts.


As of November 2, 2021, Governor Greg Abbott's "Border Wall Funding" raised approximately $54,384,073 in donations.

This is NOT the answer and is a waste of valuable resources. Let's not go backwards and continue on this path of wasteful spending. There are other ways to resolve this issue.

Border Crossing

Initiate firmer policies to ease and secure border traffic.

Border Trafficking

Utilize modern technology to seek out all forms of trafficking.

Border Security.

Format a task force to reduce the influx of migrants to our region.